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High Frequency Chargers
Charge Box HFW

Charge Box HFW

4Load HFW chargers are available in six designs. They are perfect for use in professional traction applications.

The HFW series is characterised by protection class IP66: Dust-proof and protected against pressurised jets of water. Another benefit: easy switch-over between special charging curves for wet-cell, gel and AGM batteries. The profile is rounded off nicely with protection against polarity reversal, short-circuiting, over-heating and surges.


Product line 4Load High-frequency charger
Model High frequency charger with an efficiency of greater than 85 %, for professional traction applications, industrial model, made in Europe
Voltage 24 V / 36 V / 48 V
Ambient temperature -40 °C to +45 °C
Type of batteries PzS, PzV, AGM, GiS, GiV, Odyssey
Protective System IP 66 (waterproof)
Item no.
Capacity Voltage
Dimensions in mm
L x B x H

CB HFW-24/15 15 Amp. 24 V 100 AH - 150 AH 312 x 184 x 89
CB HFW-24/20 20 Amp. 24 V 120 AH - 195 AH 312 x 184 x 89
CB HFW-24/25 25 Amp. 24 V 175 AH - 270 AH 312 x 184 x 89
CB HFW-36/15 15 Amp. 36 V 100 AH - 150 AH 312 x 184 x 89
CB HFW-36/20 20 Amp. 36 V 120 AH - 195 AH 312 x 184 x 89
CB HFW-48/15 15 Amp. 48 V 100 AH - 150 AH 312 x 184 x 89
Charge Box HFW

1. Properties

Charging status display with LED remotecontrol (red + yellow + green), water- and dustproof, no fan – perfect for using in raw, dirty and wet area like platform lifts, golf caddies a.s.o.

2. Charging curves

3 selectable charging curves

  • Wet (cyclic applications)
  • Gel (cyclic applications)
  • AGM
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