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High Frequency Chargers
Charge Box HF Multi

Charge Box HF Multi

4Load HF2 and HF3 chargers will impress you with their high degree of efficiency and low energy consumption. Great value has been placed on safety, ease of operation and quality.

The chargers are reliably protected against polarity reversal, short-circuiting and surges. You have a choice of charging curves to suit every type of lead battery. Eight charging curves are pre-installed. And of course you have the option of free programming directly on the device or via the USB interface. The detailed display of the current charging status on the LCD graphic screen will also win you over. In addition, the last 50 charging processes are automatically saved.


Item-No. CB-Multi-96/80
Product line 4Load High-frequency charger
Voltage 6 V to 96 V
Charging Potential 2 to 80 A
Ambient temperature -10 °C to +45 °C
Type of batteries PzS, PzV, AGM, GiS, GiV, Odyssey
Protective System IP 22
Charge Box HF Multi
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